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So here we are….more mass shooting at home. What the shit? The most notable, in terms of press coverage and casualties, was the shooting on December 2, 2015, in San Bernardino, California.  It’s terrible and we mourn for the families of the 14 killed and 22 wounded. We also salute the police officers and first responders that charged into harm’s way.  As the legend John Wayne said “Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway,” and those men and women displayed amazing courage.   A while back we talked about the importance of those involved in this dangerous work to review tactical situations that have unfolded with a critic’s eye (Find that article here.)  The purpose of this is to take lessons away from what they see.  The good and the bad.  From this, we can be better, and when we find ourselves facing danger head on, we can apply those lessons learned [...]

AAR vs Hindsight

Know the difference

Have you ever been part of an AAR?  If you were ever in the military or a police officer, I’m sure you have.  For those of you who have not, and have no idea what I’m talking about, an AAR is an “After Action Review”.  It is defined as “The formal after action process completed with all of the key leaders (and/or participants) where the entire operation from start to finish is methodically reviewed usually ending with three positives and three areas of improvement with specific time/date completion requirements for any and all suggestions/fixes.” I hear you asking “Is there an easier way” and well….

There is also a “Hotwash” which is a time-limited quick review of an event to address only a few points of a specific part of an operation or one tactic.  A “Hotwash” is usually intended to be used by Observer/Controllers in order to allow a unit to complete [...]

FBI Decides On 9mm As Their #1 Choice

And Have Tons Of Science Behind Their Decision

This is a very detailed and well researched article (link at bottom) that addresses a highly debated topic that we at BSC have been a part of for over 10 years.  In the end, you should carry what YOU are comfortable carrying and shooting.

The majority of us here at BSC carry 9mm, have for years, and are very satisfied with it.  There are many reasons, but mainly it is because in our many hours of training, we learned that we can get off a higher number of accurate shots in a shorter amount of time using 9mm.  While many people will debate all day and night about the different calibers and their effective penetration, any firearms instructor worth his/her salt will emphasize to you that whats most important is shot placement.  Getting your rounds onto the target’s critical areas, as fast as possible, that is how you win a deadly force encounter.

Another article written by [...]

If you have read our previous posts, you know that sadly this is not an isolated event.  Now this gentleman has been missing for over a week, no one knows what has happened, and the last person he was seen with was a client.  We understand that in order for Real Estate professionals to do their jobs, they MUST meet with people they don’t know.  We don’t want to keep you from meeting with clients, we want you to understand the best practices to set yourself up for success should a dangerous encounter happen.  The subject matter we teach is not fabricated out of thin air, it is recognized applicable theories and practices that we have taught to police officers, military personnel, expatriates working abroad, and Foreign Service officers.   And now we have tailored the information specifically for Real Estate professionals.

I recently spoke with a training coordinator for a realtor association who told me its difficult [...]

Informative article for novice shooters.  Some of the topics discussed cannot be taught in an article, and require actual practice on the range with a skilled instructor. I’ve put some of the highlights (summarized) below.

Always remember the 4 cardinal rules of firearm safety:

  1. Treat all weapons as if they are loaded
  2. Never point your weapon at anything you aren’t willing to destroy
  3. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire
  4. Always be aware of your target, backstop, and beyond.

Learn and master the fundamentals including grip, trigger control, stance and proper sight picture. Each of these may vary slightly from shooter to shooter (except sight picture), and its important to know the details of each and find what works for you while remaining functional. Lastly, the article discusses the importance of mental preparation and visualization.  Apart from some other tactical and firearms instructors, mental preparation and [...]

Sadly a few days ago, another Real Estate professional was attacked in Valencia, CA.  One of the reasons we talk so much on our Facebook and Twitter accounts about the importance of attending the type of training we offer is to help people avoid circumstances like this.  Taking just a few precautionary steps and recognizing potential threats is key to separating yourself from a potentially dangerous encounter before the threat has a chance to materialize.  We earnestly want to educate people on these steps and how to recognize potential threats, empowering them to make critical decisions that may save them from harm.  Contact us and we can arrange to come teach the “Real Estate Agent Security Awareness Seminar” for your office or your local realtor association. / (949) 864-6447 /

Click here for CBS initial report on incident



Friends, Family, and Allies,

We have soft-launched our website and will be debuting our brand of elite training at the NSSF Shot Show in Las Vegas! If you think you’ll be in town or at the show, please contact us and let’s meet up. Email:

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

-Blackjack Security Concepts

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