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AAR vs Hindsight

Know the difference

Have you ever been part of an AAR?  If you were ever in the military or a police officer, I’m sure you have.  For those of you who have not, and have no idea what I’m talking about, an AAR is an “After Action Review”.  It is defined as “The formal after action process completed with all of the key leaders (and/or participants) where the entire operation from start to finish is methodically reviewed usually ending with three positives and three areas of improvement with specific time/date completion requirements for any and all suggestions/fixes.” I hear you asking “Is there an easier way” and well….

There is also a “Hotwash” which is a time-limited quick review of an event to address only a few points of a specific part of an operation or one tactic.  A “Hotwash” is usually intended to be used by Observer/Controllers in order to allow a unit to complete [...]

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