Corporate Event Risk Mitigation

Coordination & Planning

The staff at Blackjack Security Concepts LLC has over 40 years of combined experience managing complex security operations both domestically and abroad.  Our team members have supervised multi-agency Task Forces, operational components of the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Nuclear Summits and Middle Eastern Summits.  Outside of the U.S., members of our staff have managed security programs at numerous U.S. Embassies to include Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya, to name just a few.  These responsibilities include supervising the training and daily operations of the local guard force hired by the U.S. State Department, as well as developing reaction plans and sustainment training for the U.S. Marine Security Guards assigned to the embassies.  The foundation for these security programs to be successful is a thorough risk assessment and mitigation review, threat analysis, red cell review and then implementing both reasonable and effective countermeasures to deficiencies.

Blackjack Security Concepts LLC now utilizes this extensive experience of our staff and applies it to corporate events. Acting as liaisons between corporate representatives, the event planning team, and local security to ensure a thorough risk mitigation plan is in place and carried out through oversight and proper planning.

For more information about our services to corporate events, please contact us here.

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