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Red Cell Evaluation Consulting | Blackjack Security Concepts
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Red Cell Evaluation Consulting


An important aspect of a successful protective security operation is the ability of the protective detail to utilize threat awareness and threat mitigation techniques to avoid being caught unaware and unprepared “on the X.”  The only way to test a security detail’s standing operating procedures (SOP) and tactics is to challenge them in a field training environment closely approximating a live detail as possible.

Blackjack Security Concepts (BSC) instructors can plan and execute a variety of aggressor scenarios tailorable to the client’s wishes in order to recreate the types of attack scenarios faced by today’s protective security details domestically and internationally.  This is not a protective security basic training class, but rather an opportunity for detail leaders and their personnel to test their strengths against some of the best professionals in the industry.

Attack scenarios include (but not limited to):

  • Physical attack (unarmed)
  • Small arms attack on personnel and motorcade
  • Attack on venue (to include arrivals and departures)
  • Attacks through embarrassment (i.e. Code Pink or eggs at demonstration)
  • Hostile surveillance
  • IED discussion (suicide, emplaced, vehicle etc.)
  • Emergency medicine considerations

BSC instructors will work closely with clients to ensure that the desired effect is available based on anticipated threats during deployments, daily shift work and/or overseas travel.  Our intent is for clients to feel absolutely ready to successfully mitigate any threat and guard their protectees from harm and embarrassment.


Blackjack Security Concepts (BSC) understands that there are limitations to a proper Red Cell Evaluation in a training environment.  For this reason, BSC offers a Red Cell Evaluation in a live environment.

BSC instructors will attempt to gather pre-attack intelligence on the detail’s principal, and take note of the detail’s posture at events and during arrivals / departures. The training objective for the detail is to identify hostile surveillance and intelligence gathering.  Any notice of surveillance and intelligence gathering, after being reported to the detail leader per their SOP, will be confirmed by the detail leader to the lead BSC instructor. The purpose of this is two-fold, to recognize if the detail correctly identified hostile surveillance and to confirm it is BSC staff that was recognized and not a true threat.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, BSC will provide a comprehensive written report, including any surveillance photographs and video, with a detailed analysis of vulnerabilities, recommendations for future training, and remarks concerning the current SOP.  BSC instructors will also present operational attack plan(s) from an aggressor’s standpoint base on the intelligence they were able to gather before detection.

For questions, availability, and pricing,  please contact our staff at or through our Contact page.

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