Actor Training

Blackjack Security Concepts LLC (BSC) trains actors and stunt professionals looking to maximize their skills in effectively portraying their characters such as:

Police officers, detectives, special investigators, federal agents, military personnel of all five branches of the U.S. Military, special operations personnel, K9 handlers, snipers, medics, bodyguards, private military contractors and even criminals.

The training we provide is drawn from the real world experiences of our staff and is based off previous teachings to active duty military and law enforcement personnel, both foreign and domestic.  Training includes tactical weapons training, tactical combatives, arrest techniques, interview / interrogation techniques, unit tactics, any special skills related to the character, and scenario based training to enhance skills that will transfer to on screen performance.

The unparalleled experience of BSC staff and their dedication to innovative and realistic training is sure to set our clients apart. For more on our staff, or to inquire about our training, please visit our About Us page or contact us with any questions.

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