Technical Advising

Audiences crave excitement and realism from movies and television shows they watch.  The depth of operational experience and personal training  possessed by the staff at Blackjack Security Concepts (BSC) will provide a wealth of knowledge to any entertainment production set and film crew looking to set their projects apart from the rest.

BSC technical advisors can provide advisement and training in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Script advisement
  • Character development
  • On set advising
  • Weapons handling and marksmanship
  • Close-quarters combat and Urban Operations
  • S.W.A.T. Operations
  • Military and Special Operations
  • Law Enforcment / Detective Operation
  • Federal Law Enforcement Operations
  • K9 operations
  • Anti-terrorism driving techniques
  • Tactical combatives techniques
  • Preparation and execution of search and arrest warrants
  • Principals and current techniques of sensitive site and cell phone exploitation

BSC aims to advise and instruct on these topics so that any entertainment professional will easily grasp the fundamentals and concepts.  BSC staffs advisers with experience working in U.S. Special Operations, U.S. and foreign militaries, Private Military Corporations (PMCs),  as well as Federal and Local law enforcement. BSC can advise to any level of authenticity to ensure the crew obtains their desired outcome on screen.

For more on our training for actors and stunt professionals,  please visit us here.

For information on our Project Development services, please visit us here.

For availability or questions please contact our staff at or through our Contact page.

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