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3 Day Counter Assault Team training for Executive Protection operations

Law Enforcement (LE) teams across the country are being tasked with “Protection Operations” support on a more frequent basis. In many instances this tasking is to supplement an existing detail as a counter assault team (CAT). These operations usually fall to SWAT / SEB / SRT or other specialty LE units even though these teams may rarely, if ever, receive training on the topic. In addition to Blackjack Security Concepts’ premier training on Protection Operations, we are happy to announce a course with its focus on the responsibilities of a CAT. This course is being hosted by the Orange County Sheriff Department’s Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) and is open to LE personnel only.

The topics are tailored to meet the needs of LE specialized units that are frequently tasked with supporting a federal or local protection detail within their jurisdiction. This course will include classroom instruction and practical exercises. The course will provide an overview of the tactics and responsibilities of the main protection detail to provide insight and planning considerations for LE personnel assigned to a CAT mission.

Other topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

·Pre-mission Tactical Sight Advances
·Protective Formations (Escort, Low Threat, High Threat)
·Counter Sniper / Improved Position applications
·Embedded advance agent concepts
·Protective Intelligence Investigations tie-ins (PII)
·Domestic IED/traditional (knife/small arms) threat overview
·Emergency mechanical breaching techniques on armored/thin skinned vehicles
·Motorcade Operations
·Small Unit Tactics as it applies to Protectee Retrieval
·Low profile / High profile operations

Course Dates: May 21-23, 2018

Location: Orange County, CA

Cost: $750

To reserve a slot in the course directly, please click the “Buy Now” link below, or contact mariha@blackjacksc.com to receive an invoice for payment.

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